Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top Ten Places I Love To Read

My name is Mindy Larson and I have a confession to make...

I love to read!! 

And if you're reading this, you probably do too! Reading can be done almost anywhere and at anytime. I thought it might be fun to be part of Top Ten Tuesday and write up a top ten list of my favorite spots to curl up with book.

1-In the bathtub. A few of my favorite books have water spots and wrinkly pages... But that's what makes them a favorite! I love well worn books.
It means they're living up to their potential and being read!

2-At the park. When the weather is nice, I love to go to the park and sit under a shade tree and read. Where I live, I have to share the space with a few squirrels, but they never seem to mind especially if I've brought along a snack to share.

3-In the car. Whenever my hubby and I are going on one of our road trips, I love bringing along a book or two!

4-On an airplane. Not only does reading pass the time on a plane, it keeps you from worrying about the turbulence and bothering the person next to you.

5-While waiting at the doctors office. Reading here eases the wait dramatically! The time flies by when I am engrossed in a book, and sometimes, they're ready for me before I am ready for them!

6-On the couch. If one of my kiddos is hogging the TV with episodes of Spongebob, or the hubby is watching one of his westerns, all I have to do to stay sane is read a book and everyone is happy.

7-The beachI don't get the opportunity to go the beach as often as I'd like but whenever I do, I love bringing along a book!

8-Poolside. Again, since I live in Southeast Idaho I don't get this opportunity as often as I'd like, we have a pretty short summer, but when I do get the chance, you know the drill!

9-In the laundry room. Mine is downstairs. There are times I go up and down the stairs a dozen or more times a day. When this gets old, I'll bring a book down while I do the laundry and read straight on through the drying cycle!

10-At the lake. Especially if we're fishing! Because if the fish aren't biting,

 reading keeps it fun!

Thanks for checking out my list! 

Did I miss any??  

I'd love to hear your favorite places to read!


  1. I have really got to get back into reading more often. I don't know what happened to me? I live in Portland, OR which has a massive bookstore (heard of Powell's - City of Books?) and I used to spend hours there. Well, this might be the year for me to get in back in gear.

    Happy to connect with your through our SITS Tribe :->

  2. Hey Ann!!

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I've never been to Portland but have always wanted to. Hopefully one day I'll get to come do a book signing at Powell's city of books! I've not heard if it but it sounds like an amazing place to spend an afternoon!

    Hope you have a beautiful day!


  3. I live in Buffalo, N.Y., and currently we are experiencing another Polar Vortex. So with this bitterly cold weather, there's nothing more comforting than staying in my jammies and reading books on my TBR list.

  4. Hey Sue! Hope you're staying warm! I've always wanted to visit New York. But think I'll wait until the weather cooperates. The cold and I don't get along well these days. I feel your pain. I live in Southeast Idaho. Luckily its not been overly cold this year, but last year was one of the coldest winters I've ever been through! We hit -20 many times. But you're totally right, nothing beats reading a marvelous book in your jammies!

  5. Love the list! I like to read in bed too! Especially when I'm sick.

  6. I love to read in bed, all cozy in my blankets.

  7. Totally agree about reading while waiting in the doctor's office. I'd add reading while waiting for a gym class to start or while on the subway. I kind of love being productive during otherwise wasted downtime. :) Plus, like you said, it makes the wait fly by!

  8. Hi! Stopping in from SITSgirls. I also love to read in the bathtub. I wish I could read in the car but it makes me car sick. Boo! I think my current favorite place to read is in bed with my heated mattress pad and my big orange cat.

    1. Ooo! I love to read in bed with my cats cuddling near by too!

  9. My couch and my bed are my top 2 places to read. I get all cozy under my blankets and it's just the best feeling ever.

  10. Love reading in the bath!!! Light some scented candles - make sure the water isn't too hot and dissolve into a world of your own ... :)

  11. I love reading in the tub. My husband teases me about it. But it's one of the few places in the house where the kids don't bother me. The other places you listed are also great. There's nothing like curling up with a good book.