Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Five Surefire Ways To Know That You Are Dead

Do you see things, specifically others who've already passed on, out the corner of your eye? Has a constant chill cloaked your body and left you wondering if you're standing under a vent? Are you being visited nightly by dreams of a already passed on loved one? 

If you've answered yes to one or more of these questions there is a good chance that you may be dead. Before you read on, ask yourself this: Are you ready to free your mind? If so I'll show you the door and all you have to do is walk through knowing there is a difference between knowing the path and taking it.

1- Usually, but not always, when one realizes they're in fact dead, they're happy. 

They're fulfilled. Grateful. Living the life! 

Maybe you have a great career. Or you're blessed with an amazing and loving family. Maybe you've published a novel. Won the Superbowl. You get the idea. But here's the catch, you not only have these truly magical things occurring in your life, you also love and appreciate them. You cherish them with all your heart. And you never ever take them for granted. When you're this fulfilled you're ready to transcend into the next realm of existence. 

2-Do you sometimes wonder if you're if dead? Sometimes this alone can mean only one thing.

3- Can others speak to you without verbally speaking out loud? Do you somehow, just hear them in your mind? Or do you just somehow know they are thinking about you. Maybe wishing you'd call them. Or write them a letter or pay them a visit. 

Telepathy is a HUGE sign. Don't ignore it!

4- Are you able to change you clothes by thinking about it alone? Maybe you've spilled coffee on your favorite white shirt, and you think to yourself; dang! I wish I was wearing my plum colored polka dotted top! And immediately it magically appears on your body! Been walking too long and your feet throb in your high heels? Wish for those converses! If they appear on your aching feet, you might be dead. Oh no! It's raining. Need an umbrella? If one appears in your hand, that's right, you guessed it: you're dead.

5-The last and final surefire way to know that you're dead is that you've found yourself in the presence of a Master. He's tall. He's in an expensive suit. His hair is black and his eyes are even blacker. He knows you better than you know yourself. Try not to worry and just listen. Learn all you can. And be sure to follow the rules!

Alive or dead Best of luck to you on your continued journey!

**If more information is needed please don't hesitate to contact The Masters.

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